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Information about our latest work on the situation of Mor Şemun dZeyte Church and Mor Loozor Monastery in our village

First of all, as Hapses Cultural Association, headquartered in Sweden, with the longing for those beautiful villages where they were born and raised, and with a sense of protecting the cultural heritage and values of their ancestors, they look after the Mor Semun dZeyte Church, the Virgin Mary Church and the Mor Loozor Monastery, which are the religious temples in the village. We sincerely thank our Habsus community and everyone who is sensitive about this issue, who took action for its repair and generously presented their donations through our association, may the Lord accept their donations.

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As it is known, many churches and monasteries in Tur Abdin were worshiped in the name of State institutions for various reasons. Among these churches and monasteries that were registered in the name of the state, there was also our church and monastery in our village. Our two churches and monasteries in the village were returned by the state in 2018, thanks to the intensive efforts and initiatives of the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation in Tur Abdin, as well as the initiative and good dialogues of our Cultural Association with the foundation.

We are waiting for the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation to meet with a few reliable and authorized construction companies and give price offers, at the request of our Association, for the repair in line with the project prepared for our church. When the offers come, we will present them to you as soon as possible.

We bought the land belonging to our Mor Loozor Monastery, which has been registered in the name of the state Treasury since 1989, from the state treasury in April 2022, thanks to the intensive efforts and initiatives of the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation and especially our Association, and we brought it back to our monastery. We paid 9,000 Euros for the Total Cost. All expenses were covered by our association in Sweden.

We are preparing the project of our Monastery as of May 2022, in cooperation with our Association and Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation, in order to resurrect our Mor Loozor Monastery, which is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage reserve list, which is very valuable to us but is currently in a very bad condition. With the help of the Lord, we will finish it as soon as possible and present it to your information.

Together with the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation, we are trying to make every effort so that the real estate belonging to our church and monastery, which was deed in the name of state institutions, is returned to us as soon as possible.

We are determined to carry out all the works related to our village and all the works we will do in the future together with the Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation. We would like to thank especially Tur Abdin Metropolitan Mor Timatheos Samuel Aktaş, Foundation Board Chairman Melfono Kuryakos Ergün and other related friends for their help and contributions.

Extensive information about all of these works has been previously provided to our delegation and all our representatives in Europe, through our chairman of the delegation, Mr. Aydın Efrem, and our representative in Turkey and our esteemed Melfono Zekay Demir.

From now on, when it comes to new developments, we are determined to inform you, our delegation and our newly appointed delegation members in various European countries.

With the understanding that unity comes from strength, we strongly invite you to work and cooperate for the necessary renovation, repair and other works in order to preserve our church and monastery, which is a relic of history, in good condition.

Those who want to obtain detailed information about the above topics can obtain it from our Head of the Delegation, Mr. Aydın Efrem, and our representatives in Europe.

In line with this purpose, we invite you, especially our Hapses community, which is distributed to many countries of the world, and everyone who is sensitive to these issues, to donate sincerely and generously to the official account number of our association, which we have given in various places on this site.

May the Lord God accept your contributions and donations in advance, may the prayers of the Virgin Mary, Mor Semun dZeyte and Mor Loozor and all the saints be with you.

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